A Call to Confusion

| February 27th, 2013


You know what is awesome? Being part of a group, a community. Knowing the cues, the references, the conversational crutches (Did you go to the game this weekend? How’s the project going? Do you know if they are ever going to release the elective list for this/next semester?). Do you know what is even more awesome? Losing every last bit of that.


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An Homage to the Canon

| February 27th, 2013

With the school’s increased emphasis on travel and field trips, we now have more and more opportunity to see the Canon of Architecture in person. So how do we handle this? How do we show our respect and admiration for these works we have studied, memorized, diagramed, emulated, and loved? //

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cultivating the imagination

| February 25th, 2013


Designers thrive on a rich imagination, so what exactly cultivates our imagination? Has the information age led to the demise of our imagination? We find new ways of thinking and build a bank of images in our heads that we borrow from the internet resulting in pros and cons. //

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