A Call to Confusion

| February 27th, 2013


You know what is awesome? Being part of a group, a community. Knowing the cues, the references, the conversational crutches (Did you go to the game this weekend? How’s the project going? Do you know if they are ever going to release the elective list for this/next semester?). Do you know what is even more awesome? Losing every last bit of that.


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The Boolean City

| January 22nd, 2013

Which came first, the city or the street? Mass or void? Where did the form of Paris come from? This is not a city of buildings set in a grid, but a canyon city of built walls. The figure is the space, the ground what is built.  //

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wanderlust | a guide to studying abroad

| September 13th, 2011

Georgia Tech has as a tradition of furnishing students with a plethora of study abroad options. While the College of Architecture has temporarily suspended the undergraduate year abroad and are in process of securing new exciting possibilities (check back for a subsequent post!), I wanted to highlight in this post some of the active summer abroad programs as well as the many exchange programs offered. Stay tuned to this series for further in-depth information on programs, exchange experiences, as well as atypical ways to study abroad. If you are a student that has studied abroad with Tech I invite you to post a link to your blog or photos in the comments area below. //

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Distance [pt. 1]

| September 20th, 2010

At the beginning of the semester we all wait with bated breath to hear either which professor and which students we will be working with. Sometimes the answer can be quite overwhelming and other times the answer can be intriguing. This semester I found myself classmates with two exchange students, one from Germany and one from Sweden. At first I was nervous! Yet, slowly I have been realizing that there isn’t that much distance between us. //

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