A Call to Confusion

| February 27th, 2013


You know what is awesome? Being part of a group, a community. Knowing the cues, the references, the conversational crutches (Did you go to the game this weekend? How’s the project going? Do you know if they are ever going to release the elective list for this/next semester?). Do you know what is even more awesome? Losing every last bit of that.


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De la passion française face à la raison américaine

| November 13th, 2012

I have always been melancholic for this time I haven’t known in which the great masters of architecture had only rarely been trained in architecture studies : silversmith, carpenter, stone cutter… Architecture at that time was not about practice or discipline, but about the transmission about almost what was an artisan’s knowledge.

I had always thought that in Paris, since architecture studies had left the beaux arts, and then had been unfortunately forced into the undergraduate/graduate (licence/master in french, that is only 5 years) system, we had lost the passion and the ardor, that pushed to come not only students that hesitated with law school but came here because it sounded fun, but the Vocation with capital V.

My experience as an exchange architecture student for a year at Georgia Tech made me moderate my judgment a little bit. //

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