| April 27th, 2013


Congratulations Miguel Otero!

Runners up after the break


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A Call to Confusion

| February 27th, 2013


You know what is awesome? Being part of a group, a community. Knowing the cues, the references, the conversational crutches (Did you go to the game this weekend? How’s the project going? Do you know if they are ever going to release the elective list for this/next semester?). Do you know what is even more awesome? Losing every last bit of that.


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The Boolean City

| January 22nd, 2013

Which came first, the city or the street? Mass or void? Where did the form of Paris come from? This is not a city of buildings set in a grid, but a canyon city of built walls. The figure is the space, the ground what is built.  //

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Fear and Phenomenology

| November 1st, 2012

With Halloween rapidly approaching and nary a candy corn in sight here, my mind turns to nostalgic Halloweens and the Haunted Houses I used to visit and help with. Although I always enjoyed my parts in the Haunted Houses, being Crazed Gorilla in a Cage #1 or even Mad Scientist # 2 (and one year Chainsaw Maniac # 4!), looking back the houses/mazes themselves were not too interesting architecturally . The fear and terrifying aspects were merely ornamentation applied to a dull arrangement of walls – the decorated shed of horror as it were. Severed limbs, gallons of blood, and enough fake spider webs to house every eight-legged creature in this hemisphere are the Doric columns and gildings of the season. An interesting question then is what would be an architectural horror?


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| September 11th, 2012

Because the International Style shouldn’t be the only part of us that is international.


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Urban Canvas Paris

| July 18th, 2012

An Urban Canvas

So this is my first post since I began a once in a lifetime francophone journey this summer that will ultimately take the better part of a year to complete. I have been in Paris for 5 weeks now and have been acclimating myself to a familiar but ultimately unique understanding of the role and function of the city and the interactions of its inhabitants. My first thoughts: art on the urban canvas.


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Fully Cooked

| February 14th, 2012

Precedent Analysis


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Winter Wonder | Cavalia

| January 23rd, 2012


Recently an amazing piece of Architecture has sprung up (almost literally) right in our midst in Midtown Atlanta. A cracked lot and and overgrown field have become a gleaming tensile city- Cavalia has come to town with the world’s largest traveling Big Top.  //

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On a lighter note

| October 27th, 2011

Rhino Model

To get things going after fall break (the answers are on the roll over if you get stuck): //

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Brought Together in Light

| September 11th, 2011


Where does the architect’s love for light go when the sun goes down?

This summer I had an amazing opportunity to work in a Lighting Design firm here in Atlanta. I wanted to broaden my knowledge of Architecture and design, and explore a part of the discipline that seemed very interesting to me, yet, a part that I hadn’t had a chance to explore in school.   //

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