cultivating the imagination

| February 25th, 2013


Designers thrive on a rich imagination, so what exactly cultivates our imagination? Has the information age led to the demise of our imagination? We find new ways of thinking and build a bank of images in our heads that we borrow from the internet resulting in pros and cons. //

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A Conversation With Volkan Alkanoglu

| November 20th, 2012

Volkan Alkanoglu joined the architecture faculty this year as TVSDesign distinguished  critic in the College of Architecture. Alkanoglu currently teaches Core II architecture graduate students and a course titled, “Infamous Lines.” In both settings Alkanoglu emphasizes the power of well crafted drawings to communicate ideas and expand the imagination.

Alkanoglu is also a faculty member in the design and visual studies department at SCI-Arc and is the principal and founder of Volkan Alkanoglu | DESIGN LLC.


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A conversation with Dean Alan Balfour

| October 22nd, 2012


The 60th anniversary of the East Architecture Building brings about many changes within the college. I had the privilege to sit down with Dean Alan Balfour, who will be stepping down as Dean and stepping up as professor and scholar within the College, to discuss these changes and the legacy he is leaving behind.


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A Letter From David Lake

| September 19th, 2012


From David Lake, principal of Lake | Flato architects, to Dean Balfour and the COA community: //

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| September 19th, 2012


 We are practitioners of sight in relation to space and objects. We work with perspective . We form them. We draw them. We model them. We test them. Our profession revolves around how people perceive and experience our designs. The extensive research conducted for the sake of understanding perspective is innumerable. Yet we fail to understand perspective. Other’s perspective. The perspective of a child. The perspective of a human being living under an overpass. Where can we find our sight cross theirs? and how do the two assemble to create new designs?


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Postcolonial Architecture | Kitschy Kurdistan

| September 15th, 2011

Iraqi-Kurdistan is the only autonomous region of Kurdistan. The economy has flourished since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The region’s economic success has given momentum to the building of new infrastructure, following the current Zeitgeist to be as western as possible. However, this has led to the implementation of kitschy and socially engineered architecture. Neither of the two approaches of design reflect the rich culture of Kurdistan that previous generations grew up with, nor will they contribute to the production of a healthy living environment for future generations to come. //

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