Faculty Search | Ingrid Paoletti

| March 5th, 2013



Paoletti’s talk was packed with professors, among them Tristan, Jason Brown, and Russell Gentry.  //

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Faculty Search | Volkan Alkanoglu

| February 22nd, 2013


Could you explain to us the difference between ‘projecting’ and ‘lofting?’


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Page One | Heterotopia

| January 31st, 2013



19th c. Boarding School. //

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the curiosities of a place meant to be broken

| October 31st, 2012

Cleanliness is a fairly well accepted ideal in a domestic space.  After all, few of us strive to exist in filth.  However, there are a few domestic places that, while not exactly striving for foulness, seem to find themselves in the midst of it all too often. //

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the New Fountainhead

| October 22nd, 2012

Urban fabric is a delightful term.  It rolls over your tongue, evoking flavors and textures of a well-worn quilt or exotic meal.  It accounts for tears and tatters, bitterness and bite.  It does a city justice as the medley of conditions it is forced to meet.  In the words of Vitruvius, it has firmness and utility, and, thus, delight.  Urban fabric has a beauty to it.  The strongest form of built-up beauty possible, taking decades, centuries, even millennia to weave the old and new into an ever-shifting blanket of landscape.  As architects, we’re taught to appreciate the juxtapositions and quirks of spaces and places.  Cities are not perfection, but they are historians, authors, artists, and philosophers- constant generators of change.


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| September 19th, 2012

Sometimes, in the face of a daunting question, it’s easier to answer the anti-question.  So, why are we not there?  And where, besides gray_matter(s), would ‘there’ be? //

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uno ab alto

| April 17th, 2012


a serrated monument from afar… //

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Winter Wonder | America Man

| January 21st, 2012

I went to New Orleans for the first time over winter break.  It’s a fantastic city, but there are books that can describe its charm more accurately than I can.  What really got to me was the America Man. //

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