Faculty Search | Elizabeth McDonald

| March 11th, 2013

‘Why are you interested in moving to Tech and Atlanta?’

With the changes to Tech’s curriculum and new faculty on the horizon, as well as Atlanta’s rating of #16 on Forbe’s Most Miserable Cities in the US, why would an established professor and designer want to teach here? Elizabeth McDonald replies that it would be a welcome challenge to ‘get in on the ground floor’ of a reestablished Master in Urban Design program and to research and practice urban design in a city that is ‘not as privileged’ as some cites on the West Coast. While it is exciting that Tech is seeking change and new ideas, do we want to be attractive as a ‘challenge?’

With four degrees from Berekely (BA in Architecture, MLA, MCP, and a PhD CRP), Elizabeth McDonald is also an Urban Designer with CityWorks in San Diego. According to Berkeley’s website, her interests include ‘Urban Design, History of Urban Form, Streets and Public Spaces, Urban Design & Sustainability.’ She seems to be a solid proponent of holistic design and using urban design to confront challenges today. McDonald would serve as a strong core to the Master of Urban Design program, as well as bring a different, West Coast view of design to the many ‘challenges’ of Atlanta.


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