Faculty Search | Achim Menges

| March 11th, 2013

Seven Axis Router. Meterosensitive Veneer. The room is smitten.

Menges represents the niche in architecture that Tech talks about, but has not realized – the ability to use digital computation and digital design to solve larger, ecologically driven challenges of the built environment. Menges has a portfolio that is more akin to MIT than Georgia Teach because of his dexterity in technology. An interest in bringing Menges into the faculty also represents a critical shift in the value system of the School of Architecture – do we want to be a school that trains architects destined for corporate, contemporary firms in Atlanta or do we want to train the next visionaries in innovative design who push the boundaries of feasibility?

If that is the new vision, Menges can attract the student population necessary to develop that type of program. He could also attract the funds and tools to fulfill his vision. The other critical component is the interdisciplinary practice that Tech talks about, but rarely realizes.  In a truly interdisciplinary model, Megnes promises that biologists, engineers, and computer scientists will gain new knowledge in working with him, rather than a one-sided transfer of knowledge. To speak in the scientific language of Menges, he could be the catalyst to revolutionize the college towards a healthier, more biologically informed program.


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