Faculty Search | Ingrid Paoletti

| March 5th, 2013



Paoletti’s talk was packed with professors, among them Tristan, Jason Brown, and Russell Gentry.  It was a good indicator of her work thus far at MIT and the Polytechnic of Madrid.  Paoletti is interested in publishing- her brief career in academia has already yielded four books on emerging building and material technologies – yet she is also a teacher.  Her studios are paired with weeklong charettes that pit functional construction against formal qualities.  No one asked Paoletti where the ‘failures’ in her students work were.  Every example seemed well developed, if not formally glorious.


So what exactly does this mean for Tech?  If Paoletti is brought in we can expect an extra surge of interest in building construction and material technologies, especially if she can continue to find funding and relationships within the industry as was happening in Milan.  Participation in the solar decathlon (as with Volkan and a few other candidates) would be a serious possibility.  More so, Tech could grow its relationships into the College of Engineering, something expected at a Tech school, but which we have never quite mastered.  It’s a tempting hire.

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