Cameras Obscura

| May 1st, 2012

Featured in The Neuro Salon. Curated by Barbara Maria Stafford.

The Stubbins Gallery / College of Architecture / April 11 – 27 2012

A series of viewing machines, composed of a lens and screen enclosing a dark chamber, demonstrate the physical geometries of vision. The transmission of light through the devices describes the construct of monocular perspective, and explores its behavior in expanded circumstances. Individual variations of lenses, geometries, and sightlines allow a range of possibilities to emerge from similar devices, reconfiguring the image into tele, stereo, and kaleidoscopic projections. The views through the machines direct the gaze to inverted, unexpected details of surrounding exhibitions and visitors, transforming the viewed into participants.


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One Comment on “Cameras Obscura”

  1. 1 leeland  | 4:15 pm | May 24th, 2012 //

    beautiful images folks.