FLUX Proposal. 2012

| March 1st, 2012

[a flux proposal by Shota Vashakmadze, Patrick Di Rito, and James Murray]

A field of light and air, described by shadows and the ephemeral sway of balloons is activated by the presence and intentions of sovereign participants; caught in a fragile moment, an unknown lamina of familiar gestures.

Two thousand balloons will span the street and fill the alleyways, creating a dense gateway for attendees of the event. The field of balloons, contained in an undulating cloud will flow in the wind, changing shape and density as the participants explore and interact with the installation. From head-sized to person-sized, each of the balloons will be suspended from a grid of netting at a different height, almost touching the ground at some points while being high enough to pass through at others.

We propose a site and event specific installation that translates the vastness of our sites into labyrinths of ephemeral, sublime uncertainty. The transitory nature of the medium, popping, deflating, disappearing, takes charge of the evening as the fragile cloud is exposed to its largely arbitrary fate of chance. The literal and figurative charges that occur during the night will produce a sequential detonation. The balloon cloud fills the void, assuming the form of the space and filling it with a tangible quality experienced through both sight and touch.

The field of balloons will create a thickened boundary between the world below their cloud and the world above. Spanning across the most popular street of FLUX, a large audience will have a chance to enter into this installation, becoming ensnared in the realm of the translucent in-between. The audience becomes aware of itself as they are caught in both worlds yet tied to neither allowing for moments of disembodiment. As heads go into the clouds, their bodies become trapped in the undulating ceiling.


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