| December 24th, 2011

A curation by gray_matter(s) at whitespace’s whitespec.

[December 10, 2011 – January 31, 2011]

A series of experiments in turning a white spec gray.

Between light and shadow lies an undefined territory of balance. A poise defined not by negating, but by distilling oppositions, looking for a union of extremes rather than a consistent neutrality. It is the both-and, inherently unstable and immeasurably different in every instance. The exhibition presents a series of transformations embracing such an inclusive and plastic understanding of perception. Through processes of analogy, layering, and gradation, different media are brought into dialogue, the space becomes a hidden dimension of variation. Difference becomes a relative term, understood through observed realities rather than representations or ideals. In a field of endless subtlety, we find ourselves lost in our own perceptions.

gray_media // pallet wood / paint swatches / film test strips / video

gray_noise // lp4 / massive attack / 100th window [hidden track]

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