what is studio culture? | survey results [part 2]

| October 6th, 2011

the question: what is studio culture?

you answered:

Studio culture is the relationships and behaviors that develop around the people who work in the same space for extended periods of time.

Studio culture is the collective group of individuals who spend the majority of their time in studio. it exists in the late nights and the early mornings. it exists with many different faces. it is the loud arguments of project definitions. it is the silent murmur of headphones. it is the barnraising of a plaster pour structure gone awry. it is the nervousness before a presentation. it is the 5 min breather that turns into a 40 min soccer game. it is the cutting of a finger instead of a model. it is the laughter at 4 am when all things are funny. it is the criticism that means more to us than our mother’s. it is the high. it is the low. it is the constant.

I agree with many of my friends that architecture/id students have the clearest sub-culture at Tech. We start to dress, eat, and look like each other. I have more friends in studio than out of studio, which isn’t normal for most majors. The workload brings us together and creates an us-against-them mentality.

It’s like a family, a lot of really close friends who also are working on the same things that you are. Some people have specializations and you use them as a resource for your projects and bounce ideas off of each other. It’s generally a lot of fun.

A gathering of like minded people, who learn from each other by interaction.

working till your fingers bleed and not getting recognized for it

no idea

The best part about architecture. Studio would be hell without the culture. It’s hard, but the people and culture make it worth it.

Studio culture encompasses all student activities and mannerisms within the studio environment that are unique to the college of architecture and set the studio-dwellers apart from other students at the school

Collaborative debauchery

#35%: People who don’t care/whose parents are making them go into the profession. #40%: People who thought they wanted to become an architect, but are now stuck in a pool of their own downwardly spiraling confidence and can’t change their major until fall. 25%: People who are overly enthusiastic and spend most of their time in studio, hanging from the wall pipes, drawing pretty cartoons, bitching about their instructors, contesting for the most ridiculous idea, etc.

Basically the only people on campus that understand all the pain I go through, haha.

Studio culture is community. It is home base, a support team.

trips to the vending machine, existentialism, a smoothie that has been dropped on the floor and has dried and is now sticky (metaphorically)

Some of my favorite memories…

It is rapidly declining. Studio culture to me is an environment that encourages creativity and growth as a designer. Collaboration on design projects is extremely valuable. One can learn quite a bit from studiomates and strengthen their projects in the process.

Exploratory environment where many ideas come together and creativity is encouraged…

Studio culture is not just the constant presence of others in the studio, but their social interactions. Studio culture encapsulates the socializing, the gossip, and the cliqueness as well as the camaraderie and actual work.

it is falling asleep on your desk. it is spending more time in studio than your apartment. it is working insane hours to complete projects that could never be done on time. it is doing all of this with a group of likeminded individuals. it is a collective of focused designers. it is unknown to most majors.


This is when there is an unconventional bond formed between studio participants by the common location and common goal.

It’s like when you go on a school trip with your best friends and get to hang out with them all night in the hotel room… except you never actually get to sleep in a bed.

Studio culture is how people utilize the studio space. How they interact with the space and others in the space and how the space facilitates their work.

Studio culture is helping teach each other, wallowing in each other’s misery, sharing your frustrations, learnings, and victories with people.

making up lies for grades… sucking up to your teacher enough to get an a

we’re all slighly miserable from the projects but being together and suffering together makes it more bearable…

donut and waffle house breaks

Studio Culture is what architects and industrial design students think is hip and artsy. It is tight sweaters, scarfs, chuck taylors, cigarettes, coffee, raybans, tight jeans, girls with ties, photography, liberalism, communism, talking about how design makes you feel and what a room/space/structure/object feels.

Studio culture is the sum of different approaches to architecture and design, where each individual idea is caught in an immense discussion with others.

I do not know.

open class for a professor to look over your shoulder

studio culture is just the culture that resides in your studio, each studio is different and it really depends on the level of study, projects, and age of the people in the studio, I feel like with each project generates a different culture since the students are all doing the same thing

Studio culture is the heart of all of our work, where all action goes down. It’s not where I work, it’s where I create, explore, analyze and experiment.

… Self-discovery



d. all of the above

it is the roll of trace that just ran out… the sunrise after working all night… the last $18 you had, spent on three plots on glossy paper… it is the dinner of champions: ranch doritos, a rice crispy treat and a cherry coke… the laughter that does not stop right between 3am and 5am…the playlist that gets you through the night… the rhino that crashes.. and the uber gratefulness for autosave… it is the running out of pandora hours every month… the productivity that happens right before the crash… the sketches scanned to reveal a process… it is the brief of the project… the midterm proposal that was torn to pieces… and the final jury that rendered applause.. it is all that we say it is… but more so… it is everything that we don’t…



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